Richest TikTok Stars in Pakistan And Their Monthly Income


Today, on October 9, 2020, the Pakistani government took action in which it was said that TikTok is being completely banned in Pakistan and this application will not be able to run anymore. Hearing this news, all the TikTok stars were upset. But in today’s article we will find out how much money these TikTok stars were making monthly.

1: Dolly Fashion

The number one TikToker in Pakistan is the famous dolly fashion. Dolly Fashion had its own beauty salon before making TikTok videos. Dolly belongs to Lahore and is famous for her beautiful eyes and hair. Her real name is Humaira Asghar. She is a professional model and has danced to several Pakistani songs. She also has her own beauty make-up school where she trains girls. Dolly Fashion has about 5.5m followers on her TikTok account. Did you know that Dolly Fashion charges up to Rs. 100,000 for sponsoring a video?.

2: Phoolllu

Pholllu doesn’t need any introduction to TikTok Stars. The 31-year-old Phoolllu’s real name is Tauqeer Abbas. Phoolllu believes that when a person’s intention and heart are pure, Allah rewards him abundantly. Before entering the world of TikTok, Phoolllu worked as a farmer in Mandi Bahauddin. A man showed him the video of TikTok on his mobile, on which Phoolllu inner artist also woke up. He did not know how to use a mobile phone or make a TikTok video. Did you know that Phoolllu currently receives Rs. 100,000-150,000 for making a sponsored video while she has 5.4m followers on his TikTok account.

3: Sehar Hayat

Sehar Hayat who has about 5.8m followers on her TikTok account. The reason for their fame is their unabashed beauty and she mostly makes dance videos on her TikTok account. Did you know that Sehar Hayat only receives Rs. 200,000-300,000 for making a sponsored video. And she’s also seen doing modeling photoshoots at famous clothing brands.

4: Alishba Anjum

Alishba Anjum, whom her fans affectionately call Lishay. Alishba currently has 6.3m followers on her TikTok account. Alishba Anjum belongs to the most beautiful city of Pakistan, Faisalabad. Her elder sister Jannat Mirza who is an even older and famous TikTok star. The reason for her fame is her innocent style and her charming eyes. Did you know that Alishba Anjum also receives Rs. 300,000-350,000 for making a sponsored video?. Alisha is not only a TikTok Star but also has more than 800,000 followers on her Instagram account.

5: Areeqa Haq

Areeqa Haq is from Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan. It makes mostly slow-motion videos on her TikTok account. She is currently followed by more than 6.1m followers on Areeqa’s TikTok account. She is also the most beautiful TikTok star in Pakistan. But some people also say that Areeqa is so beautiful in videos only because of her make-up, But in real life, it’s the opposite. Areeqa Haq currently has more than 1.4m followers on her Instagram account. While Arika also receives Rs. 400,000 for making only one sponsor video on the TikTok account.

6: Usman Asim

Usman Asim is from Wazirabad. Usman was a shopkeeper and used to make these TikTok videos while sitting in his shop. In our society, it is said that if a person has talent, he can make his own way. It would not be wrong to say that Usman is the greatest comedian in the TikTok world. Usman currently has over 7.4m followers on his TikTok account. Did you know that Usman receives more than Rs. 400,000 for making a sponsored video?.

7: Kanwal Aftab

Kanwal Aftab was working on social media before she came into the TikTok world. Which is why it didn’t take long for her to become famous on TikTok. Kanwal is also called the cutest girl in the world of TikTok. While Kanwal also hosts programs for the popular website Urdu Point. More than 8.1m followers are following her on her TikTok account because of her innocent and beautiful face. It’s so cute that whatever clothes she wears she adorns. Kanwal currently has more than 800,000 followers on her Instagram account. While Kanwal receives only Rs. 400,000 for making a sponsored video and Rs. 300,000 for modeling.

8: Zulqarnain Sikandar

Zulqarnain Sikandar belongs to Gujarat and is very popular in the world of TikTok. Did you know that Zulqarnain Sikandar is also a very good actor?. The time is not far when you will see him acting in dramas of major TV channels in Pakistan. While he has the honor of having the most talent in the Pakistani TikTok community. More than 8m people are following Zulqarnain on his TikTok account. Did you know that Zulqarnain Sikandar takes Rs. 500,000-700,000 to make only one sponsor video?.

9: Jannat Mirza

Jannat Mirza is number one in the world of TikTok Star who has more than 10m followers on her TikTok account. People from Faisalabad have always been considered to have an artistic nature. And Jannat Mirza from Faisalabad has proved this to be true. Jannat Mirza is the first girl in Pakistan to start TikTok videos. She also has more than 1m followers on her Instagram account. Jannat Mirza Ali is also TikToker Alishba Anjum’s elder sister. She is beautiful but her acting skills are also very high. That is why the big clothing brands in Pakistan pay them exorbitant prices. While Jannat receives more than Rs. 100,000 for just one modeling photoshoot. And if someone asks her to make a sponsored video, she gets Rs. 700,000 just for making a video.

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