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Beautiful Clicks of Aiman Khan With Her Daughter Amal Muneeb

Actress Aiman Khan’s daughter Amal Muneeb has become a superstar since the day her daughter was born at her home. More people have started following her daughter Amal Muneeb on Instagram than Aiman Khan.

Just a few days ago, Onederland hosted the first birthday party of Aiman Khan’s daughter Amal Muneeb, which was also attended by famous Pakistani celebrities. However, some people also said that like the long marriage of Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt, their daughter Amal Muneeb’s birthday did not run on social media for a month.

Aiman Khan is always active on social media due to which her followers on Instagram are increasing rapidly day by day and she has also become the most followed celebrity in Pakistan.

Aiman Khan who loves spending time with her family. She is seen eating with her family at some hotel almost every weekend. It is clear from this that Aiman Khan loves her family very much. And she also shares family photos of her family with her fans on Instagram.

So let’s take a look at some beautiful pictures of Aimman Khan’s daughter Amal Muneeb with her.

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