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Beautiful Bridal Photoshoot of Internet Sensation Nimra Ali

Nimra Ali is a young girl and has become an overnight internet sensation. The natural style of speaking fast in her viral video recording of the program on City 42 was so popular that it became a trend on social media. And this one short video clip made her an internet superstar.

While many people praised Nimra Ali’s style, there were only a few people who refused to consider her a talent. After that, Nimra Ali may not have even seen it in her dreams. Her interviews started appearing on almost every TV channel in Pakistan.

King of Morning Show host Nida Yasir also invited Nimra Ali in her program Good Morning Pakistan and had a nice talk with her family and Nimra Ali there. And after that, she was also interviewed on various social media channels.

It was only a month after Nimra Ali became a superstar that a Pakistani designer took her to the bridal collection and completed a full photoshoot with her. So let’s take a look at some beautiful pictures from Nimra Ali’s debut photoshoot.

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Kinza Javed
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