Amna Ilyas Making Fun of Ayeza Khan On Advertising Fairness Cream


Amna Ilyas is a beautiful actress and model in the Pakistani drama industry. She can do all kinds of modeling easily and she has a lot of expertise in the field of modeling. That’s why Amna Ilyas looks like a delicate girl even at the age of 30.

On the other hand, actress Ayeza Khan is now 29 years old and she got married to actor Danish Taimoor six years ago and today she has become a mother of two children.

Ayeza Khan is appearing on TV screens in very few dramas this year in 2020. But she is still spending most of her time doing photoshoots for famous clothing brands. All of you friends must have seen Ayeza Khan’s new bridal look photoshoot almost every day while scrolling on social media.

Recently, Ayeza Khan had a video photoshoot for the famous beauty cream Faiza Beauty Cream in which she is seen promoting the fairness cream and she is wearing a beautiful red dress.

In which she says that you want to know the reason for my success. In response, she said Confidence. And she added that she got this confidence from Faiza Beauty Cream. See in this video what She said?.

As soon as the video advertisement of Faiza Beauty Cream of Ayeza Khan went viral on social media, where some people liked it, some people also criticized it. In all of this, Amna Ilyas made fun of Ayeza Khan’s promoting Fairness Cream.

Amna Ilyas made a similar video to Ayeza Khan’s advertisement. And see what happened? Play and watch the video. After watching the full video, you will definitely appreciate Amna’s on this act.

Now it is up to you to decide. Did Amna Ilyas make such a video and give the right answer to Ayeza Khan?. Let us know in the comments section below. Thanks!

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