Beautiful Photoshoot of Fiza Ali With Her Daughter Faraal


Fiza Ali is a talented actress in the Pakistani drama and film industry. As well as acting, she is a morning show host and a famous model. If she is counted among the senior Pakistani actors, it would not be wrong to say.

Fiza Ali is now 40 years old, but she still looks like a young girl. She has repeatedly said in her interviews that women should always be fit and smart at any age. And she proved it.

Fiza Ali is currently living alone with her daughter in Lahore. She has taken a break from acting in Pakistani dramas for a few days. And she spends most of her time with her daughter.

Seeing the attractiveness of Fiza Ali’s face, many marketers make her brand ambassador. Which is why Fiza Ali is often seen in modeling in which she is marketing it wearing a fabulous new suit.

Just a few days ago, Fiza Ali had a photoshoot with her daughter for a clothing brand in which the mother and daughter look very cute wearing the same clothes, so let’s see some beautiful pictures of them.

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