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Is Jannat Mirza Leaving Pakistan Know What is the Whole Matter!

Ever since the Tiktok application was banned in Pakistan, the problems of Tiktoker have increased tremendously. Because many people became stars overnight by using this application. There is no platform in Pakistan where people can show their skills, so many people showed their talent through this application.

Tiktok was banned in Pakistan because an inappropriate video was uploaded on it. Because where there are a lot of good people, there are also some bad people who use the application to do bad things.

At the top of the list of Tiktok superstars is Jannat Mirza whose account has more than 10 million followers. And she has become the only Pakistani celebrity who has surpassed Ayeza Khan, Aiman Khan, and Mahira Khan in terms of a number of followers.

Jannat Mirza’s video made on Tiktok is very much liked by her fans due to which today everyone knows her by name all over the world. And of course, every boy is crazy about her beauty.

But when a woman asked Jannat from her post on Instagram, you are permanently shifting to Japan, Jannat Mirza said yes.

When did another fan ask her why is she shifting to Japan? So Janat Mirza replied: Because Pakistan is very good but the mentality of the people of Pakistan is not good at all.

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