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Shaista Lodhi Beautiful Pictures With Her Handsome Husband

Despite being a doctor by profession, this Pakistani girl took up the field of morning show hosting. Because she was very fond of coming to showbiz since her childhood. You must have recognized her. Yes, we are talking about Shaista Lodhi.

Shaista Lodhi has been hosting morning shows on Pakistani TV screens for more than ten years. Her style of hosting natural morning shows is so popular that people get up every morning and tune in to her morning show.

While many of you may not know that she is also the elder sister of actor Sahir Lodhi. And the two siblings have a lot of followers on Instagram and that’s why their followers are growing so fast day by day.

Even at the age of 42, Shaista Lodhi looks as young and beautiful as if she was still a 25-year-old girl. The only secret to her beauty is that she doesn’t listen to bad people. People criticize her, so she listens with one ear and takes it out with the other.

Have you seen Shaista Lodhi’s handsome husband who is more beautiful than Shaista Lodhi and his name is Adnan Lodhi. So let’s take a look at some beautiful pictures of this couple together.

Kinza Javed
Kinza Javed
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  1. meri lanat hay aisi tamam aurton per jo hasta basta family leave kar kay jo keh in kay husband financially bhi strong hotay hain aur bachay bhi un ko leave kar kay isshaq main kisi aur ki ho jati hain aur morning show per aurton ko mashwaray bhi daiti hain haan agar husband main koi kharabi ho to koi haraj nahi iss ka husband ain famous doctor thay

    • Do you really know what was going on in her life? Do you personaly know her x husband?
      Getting married second time is not a sin, but tuhmat is a sin.


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