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Aiman Khan Shares The Moment When She Saw Her Daughter Amal For The First Time

Aiman Khan is considered one of the top actresses in Pakistan. While it has also become one of the highest-paid actresses. One important thing is that she has the highest number of followers on Instagram. She has also surpassed Mahira Khan, Ayeza Khan, and Sajal Ali in this race.

Aiman Khan started her married life in 2018 by marrying actor Muneeb Butt. And it would not be wrong to say that this wedding was the biggest wedding in the Pakistani showbiz industry. More than a dozen functions were performed at the wedding, which lasted about a month.

Aiman Khan is now 21 years old and she got married at the young age of only 20 years old. After the marriage, Allah Almighty blessed Aiman and Muneeb with a daughter and they named their daughter Amal Muneeb.

Since the day Amal Muneeb was born, the number of her fans has been high on social media and they want to see pictures of Amal Muneeb every day. Because when people like Aiman Khan, the mother of Amal Muneeb, then surely her daughter will also be liked by the fans.

Aiman khan shared in a live Instagram session what was her reaction when her daughter Amal Muneeb was born. Aiman Khan said that

She was very beautiful. I could not believe that this is my daughter. But I was crying, there were tears in my eyes and I was very happy when she was born.

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