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Beautiful Clicks of Shahid Afridi With Her Newborn Daughter Arwa

Former Pakistan cricket captain and star all-rounder Shahid Afridi who needs no introduction. The number of his fans is found all over the world. And while he is known as Lala in the world of cricket.

Shahid Afridi has retired from cricket. And he spends most of his time doing charity work. And while he is also seen talking on social media on many issues. And he has now launched their own brand Hope Not Out.

Shahid Afridi got married at a very young age 20 years ago. And God has blessed him with five daughters after marriage. Shahid Afridi believes that my daughters are everything to me. While his wife does not appear on the media screen.

Shahid Afridi spends a lot of time with his fifth daughter Arwa because she was born in this world only a few months ago and that doll is so cute that everyone falls in love with it.

So let’s see some beautiful pictures of Shahid Afridi and his daughter Arwa together.

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