Beautiful Clicks of Shahid Afridi Celebrates His 20th Wedding Anniversary With Lovely Wife Nadia


Former Pakistan all-rounder and captain Shahid Afridi, who does not need any introduction, is known as Lala in the world of cricket. Everyone was waiting on the TV screen to see his fast batting, when he will come to bat and when it will sixes rain.

As well as batting, Shahid Afridi also showed excellent performances in bowling. Whenever the team needed him, Lala won the team many times with his excellent bowling and batting performances.

But now Shahid Afridi has retired from the world of cricket after almost twenty-five years and now he can be seen playing in Pakistan Super League matches but in international cricket, he can now be seen as a mentor.

After retiring from the world of cricket, Shahid Afridi has started spending his time in charity work and is busy educating and caring for poor children. Because Shahid Afridi says that human service is our real goal.

Shahid Afridi started his married life at a very young age by marrying his cousin Nadia Afridi in 1996. And now he has become the father of five cute daughters. We pray to Allah to bless Shahid Afridi with a son soon.

Shahid Afridi celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary with his wife Nadia Afridi in a simple way at home, so let’s take a look at some beautiful pictures of him together.

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