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Beautiful Nikah Pictures of Sana Javed With Her Sibling And In-Laws

Another piece of good news came from the Pakistani showbiz industry after Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir got married. Our favorite actress Sana Javed has also got married and that too with Pakistani singer Umair Jaswal.

As soon as the news goes viral on social media that Sana Javed has tied the knot with Umair Jaswal. So people started congratulating the couple. Some said that this couple looks like the pair of Heer Ranjha.

Because Sana Javed had shared the news on his Instagram a few months back that I and Umair Jaswal are getting married very soon. Sana Javed is an actor as well as a film actress and model while her husband Umair Jaswal is seen as a famous singer as well as doing occasional posting programs.

Sana Javed was looking very beautiful wearing a bridal dress on the occasion of her wedding day, so let’s take some pictures with her own siblings and in-laws.

After seeing the picture, don’t forget to congratulate Umair Jaswal and Sana Javed in the comment section below.

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Kinza Javed
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  1. God bless u both
    Sana u are my so so sooooo fvrt coz of ur acting in Ruswai.
    Plz u both never creat misunderstnding in ur life even 8f its bcz of ur fmly plzz ask each others 1st.
    Many many prayers


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