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Beautiful Pictures of Pakistani Drama Actress That Looks Like A Barbie Doll

Alizeh Shah, a very beautiful and young, talented actress in the Pakistani drama industry, who has now become an acting shop for everyone in the showbiz industry. People like her thick eyes so much that everyone wants to look like her.

The girl is still only 20 years old but she has given such a successful project in the Pakistani drama industry to her name. Seeing this, it seems that she will soon become Kareena Kapoor of Pakistan.

Before starting her showbiz career, Alizeh Shah made her mark by making comedy videos on the Tiktok app. Which gradually went so viral on social media that even Pakistani drama directors and producers saw it. He was so impressed with her beauty that he started casting her in his plays.

A few months ago, it was reported on social media that Alizeh Shah is in love with Pakistani actor Noaman Sami. But Noaman clarified a few days ago that he and Alizeh Shah have no such relationship. He is just a good friend.

Alizeh Shah shared some photos on Instagram in which she is seen eating, but people liked her beautiful style so much that it is very difficult to recognize her, so let’s take a look at some of her photos.

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