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Beautiful Clicks of Haroon Rashid With His Wife Farwa At Friends Wedding

Haroon Rashid is one of the famous singers of Pakistan who made his name by working hard day and night because social media was not booming at that time. Among the old singers, like Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, Haroon Rashid, etc. Went to the Life Concert and showed their performances and then they were appreciated by the people from there and today they got this place of honor.

But in today’s digital world it has become so easy that if you have any talent inside you, you can show your talent on YouTube, Facebook, or any social media platform and people can make you a star overnight. But the singer of the 90’s era is the singer who actually went from place to place singing songs in his voice for his success.

Haroon Rashid is now 47 years old but he also looks smart and handsome as if he is 25 years old. His song Dil Say Pakistan for Pakistan on August 14, a few years ago, has also become very popular among the people.

Haroon Rashid started his married life by marrying Farwa just a few months ago. The duo is also being liked on social media. Haroon Rashid attended a friend’s wedding with his wife from where he shared some beautiful photos for his fans so let’s take a look.

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