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Bushra Ansari Latest Beautiful Pictures From Her Instagram

Bushra Ansari is counted among these senior and versatile actors that if she is introduced, the words may fall short. And everyone in the Pakistani drama and film industry calls her Apaa.

Bushra Ansari is now 64 years old but she still looks perfectly fit and she still goes to the gym and exercises for an hour. On the other hand, thirty years have passed since she came into the showbiz industry. She has also acted in Black in White films and dramas which have become very popular in the past.

Bushra Ansari is known as an actor as well as a senior host. Today’s new actors learn a lot from her. When she is on the shooting set, she also gives a lot of tips to the newcomers. On the other hand, a few years ago, she also did the Ramadan transmission of Geo TV channel which became very popular among the viewers.

Since the time of social media around the world, Bushra Ansari has also been very active on Instagram. She answers questions from her fans immediately and shares her new photos with her fans wherever she is. So let’s take a look at some beautiful pictures of her.

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