Sana Javed Beautiful Pictures With Her Sister Tahmina On Wedding


Pakistani actress Sana Javed who doesn’t need any introduction because of her brilliant acting. She had a passion for acting and showbiz since her childhood, for which she tried her best, and today she succeeded.

Her play Khaani with actor Feroze Khan became very popular. Later, his film Mehrunisa V Lub U with actor Danish Taimoor also broke the record of success. And then after that, her plays became popular on every private TV channel in Pakistan.

Sana Javed has two sisters and a brother, one of whom is seen working as an actress in TV dramas while her brother is a famous model. And her third sister has no link to acting.

Sana Javed just got married to Pakistani singer Umair Jaswal a few days ago. The wedding ceremony was celebrated with great simplicity and Pakistani celebrities were not invited. If you look at the pictures, only the family members were spotted.

Most people are not aware that Sana Javed has two sisters. People know that one of her sisters is Hina Javed but people don’t know her second sister Tahmina then today we will see some beautiful pictures of Sana Javed’s third sister.

After looking at the pictures, don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below do you like Sana Javed’s sister Tehmina.?

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