Beautiful Pictures of Shaista Lodhi With Her Elder Son Shafay Wahidi


42-year-old Pakistani actress and renowned morning show host Shaista Lodhi is definitely a huge asset to the Pakistani showbiz industry. She started the tradition of an early morning show in Pakistan. And her brilliant idea was well supported by the people.

Shaista Lodhi’s morning show was very popular all over the world. She hosted morning shows on almost every private TV channel in Pakistan. While she also got many poor girls married through her program. On the other hand, she also exposed new talent through her morning show.

But unfortunately, the Morning Show tradition in Pakistan is slowly coming to an end and she took a break from hosting the Morning Show a few years ago. You all know that she is also a doctor by profession. After leaving the showbiz industry, Shaista Lodhi is running her own clinic in Karachi.

Do you know that Shaista Lodhi is also the mother of three young children.? Her elder son Shafay Wahidi is a photocopy of his mother. So let’s see their beautiful pictures together.

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