Designer Maria B Latest Beautiful Pictures With Her Daughter Fatima


Designer Maria B who is definitely a big name in Pakistani clothing brand. Women prefer to buy their clothes as soon as they hear the name of this brand. Because the quality and reasonable price of their clothes are in the range of women who are always looking for their new collection.

When Maria B’s clothing new collection is launched in all seasons, it is very popular all over the world including Pakistan. People order online from outside and they love to wear Maria B’s clothes. Because if you look at people’s reviews, they think that not every brand can afford such quality in terms of money.

You all know that at the request of the Prime Minister, in the month of Ramadan, Ertugrul Ghazi drama was aired on PTV channel which became very popular among the viewers. Seeing the popularity of this play, Pakistani designer Maria B took Turkish actress Didem Balcin aka Selcan Hatun in Dirilis as a new model for her new winter linen campaign. And she went to Turkey to complete this photo shoot and had her winter collection shoot.

If you look at most of the pictures of Maria B, her only daughter Fatima is also seen with her everywhere. If you judge her beauty, it will look like Maria B’s daughter is an English girl. So let’s take a look at these beautiful pictures of mother and daughter together.

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