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Is This Minal Khan’s Third Twin Sister oR Actress Rimha Ahmed?

You will know the names of both Aiman Khan and Minal Khan. There is no need to introduce them. Fans get tense when they see pictures of these twin sisters together. Who is Aiman and who is Minal?. But those who love her sincerely recognize the difference between Aiman and Minal.

It’s been two or three years since actress Rimha Ahmed entered the showbiz industry. Many of you may not have heard of this actress. She is currently seen acting in the popular drama Uraan. While she has previously worked with Sana Javed and actor Feroze Khan in the popular drama Khaani.

She has won the hearts of the people with her brilliant acting and people are enjoying her work very much. That’s why the number of her fans on her Instagram account is growing rapidly day by day. Her best thing is that she tries to answer the questions asked by her fans immediately.

But when the fans found out about Rimha Ahmed, they looked at her pictures and said that she looks like the third twin sister of actress Aiman Khan and Minal Khan. And really, if you look at her pictures, it looks like Minal Khan. So let us show you some beautiful pictures of her.

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