Nadia Khan Queen of Morning Show Beautiful Pictures With Her Son


If the history of the morning show is written in Pakistan, then Nadia Khan’s name will come at the top. She is one of the women in Pakistan who started doing early morning shows. And as soon as they saw it, their trend started in Pakistan and almost every private TV channel started copying them.

Nadia Khan is a host as well as a famous model and actress. If we talk about her age, according to Google, she is 41 years old. Of course, looking at her fitness, you can’t believe that she is such an old actress. Well, she is very fond of looking fit and smart, which is why she also exercises on a daily basis.

Nadia Khan was born in Pakistan but she lives permanently in Dubai. And whenever she has to come to a drama recording or a morning show, she comes to Pakistan from Dubai. And she has their own personal home there.

Probably many of you still know that Nadia Khan has only two children, a son, and a daughter. So today let us inform you with news that Nadia Khan also has another son who is very cute and his name is Kiaan Khan. Who is Nadia Khan’s second husband after divorce?. She has not shared it with the media yet.

So let’s take a look at some beautiful pictures of Nadia’s son.

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