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Armeena Khan Latest Beautiful Pictures With Her Husband

Armeena Khan is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in the Pakistani drama and film industry. Indeed, Allah has blessed them with a wealth of immense beauty. Seeing their beauty, every girl wants to be like her.

Armeena Khan is now 25 years old. And she got married to Fesyl Khan last year. Their wedding was very simple, only family members attended and no showbiz celebrity was invited. And she herself announced the news of her marriage to the fans through Instagram.

Armeena Khan is a drama actress as well as a film actress and model. And while she has acted brilliantly in many Pakistani films. On the other hand, seeing their beauty, every clothing brand is ready to have a photoshoot with them.

Armeena Khan is also seen acting with actress Hira Mani and Junaid Khan in the drama serial Mohabbatein Chahatein which started from Hum TV channel yesterday. And now that the first episode has just aired, fans are enjoying the drama a lot.

Maybe many of you have not seen the husband of actress Armeena Rana Khan, then let’s see the beautiful pictures of the couple together.

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