Fatima Effendi Latest Beautiful Pictures With Her Son Mahbir


Fatima Effendi is the name of the trust. This means that whatever drama she is cast as an actress, she must be successful. If directors and producers want to make a good profit, they will definitely cast Fatima in their plays.

Most of you may not know that Fatima Effendi is the daughter of Fouzia Mushtaq who is also a famous actress. And both mothers and daughters are photocopies of each other. It would not be wrong to say that the blood of acting runs in their veins since childhood.

On the other hand, Fatima Effendi also got married to actor Kanwar Arsalan. Both the husband and wife are seen acting in very selected dramas. On the other hand, the couple has also opened a restaurant in partnership with actors Nida and Yasir.

After marriage, Allah Almighty has blessed Kanwar and Fatima with two beloved sons. Looking at the pictures of their children, it will look like a prince of a country. So, we show you a glimpse of these children.

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