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Sadia Imam Latest Beautiful Pictures With Her Husband And Daughter

The Pakistani actress, who has ruled the Pakistani drama industry for almost 20 years, still looks just as beautiful today. Yes, we are talking about Sadia Imam. She doesn’t need to be introduced, everyone knows them.

Sadia Imam is now 41 years old. And she looks just as attractive and beautiful as she did in the past. By the way, every girl loves to look beautiful. Even at this age, she exercises with restraint so that she looks fit.

Sadia Imam started her married life in the year 2012 by marrying Adnan Haider. Her husband is a renowned chef by profession. And after marriage, Adnan and Sadia have now become the parents of a daughter.

Sadia Imam has recently taken a break from the drama industry. But she now appears mostly as a guest on the Morning Show. And sometimes famous clothing brands take them as models in their new photoshoots.

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