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Beautiful Pictures of Atif Aslam Attending A Friend’s Wedding With His wife

Atif Aslam, who started his career by singing his debut song Aadat, probably everyone knows him by his name. The number of his fans is found all over the world and Indian girls are crazy about him. And while he has sung in his own voice in many Indian films.

Atif Aslam started his singing career in 2004. He started his singing live concert for the first time. And made his mark among the people. And when the people heard his voice, they were compelled to praise him. And gradually Atif Aslam began to be recognized in Pakistan.

Atif Aslam is a singer as well as a famous model and film actor. He has also acted in the famous Pakistani film Bol with top actress Mahira Khan. And the lively dialogue of this film is still popular in the minds of the people.

Atif Aslam’s popularity in Pakistan has increased so much that he has started getting work in Bollywood movies. He has sung more than a hundred songs in Bollywood movies. And while he was also seen as a judge in some programs like Indian Idol.

Atif Aslam started his married life by marrying Sara Bharwana in 2013. One year after the marriage, Allah Almighty blessed the couple with their first child. And when the girls found out about their marriage, many of the virgin girls were heartbroken.

Last night, Atif Aslam attended his best friend’s wedding with his wife Sara Bharwana. From there, some beautiful pictures with his wife have gone viral on social media, so let’s take a look at some of his pictures.

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