Shahid Afridi Latest Beautiful Pictures With His Youngest Daughter Arwa

Shahid Afridi Pictures

Former Pakistan cricket team star all-rounder and captain Shahid Afridi who does not need any introduction. He served the Pakistan cricket team for twenty years and won many matches with his outstanding performance.

Just a few years ago, Shahid Afridi decided to retire from ODIs, T20s, and Test cricket. When people found out about his retirement, they became very upset because many people said that we only watched cricket because of Shahid Afridi’s fast batting.

But now that he has retired from cricket, Shahid Afridi seems to be spending more time on welfare activities. Because their mission is only that Pakistan has to make every child literate. And it is also working hard for this mission and informing the people through its social media.

Many of you may not know is that Shahid Afridi is now the father of five daughters. Shahid and Nadia have been married for 20 years. And to this day, people like their couple just as much as they did the first day.

Shahid Afridi shared his beautiful photos with his youngest daughter Arwa on his social media account today, so let’s take a look with them.


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