Hira Mani Reveals In Her Video Interview Why She Left Big Projects Just Because of Her Family


Pakistani actress Hira Mani is one of the most beautiful and senior actors in the Pakistani drama and modeling industry. She had no family ties to the acting industry. But she was fond of acting since childhood. And she only dreamed of acting in her childhood.

But after marrying actor Salman Sheikh aka Mani at the age of just 19, Hira Mani’s dream of acting came true. Meaning the fate of a man can change in such a way that a man may never think. But after marrying Mani, it was as if her lottery had been taken out.

Hira Mani stepped into the world of showbiz with very small roles and then worked day and night to make a name for herself. Of course, for a married woman, it is much more difficult to manage the house then go to the shooting and take care of the children together.

Hira Mani turned down many big projects for the sake of her family and children. She has not worked in Pakistani films yet because she wants to take care of her family. Listen to what she said in her video message.

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