Yasra Rizvi Beautiful Pictures With Her Husband Abdul Hadi


Pakistani actress Yasra Rizvi is considered one of the senior actors in the Pakistani showbiz industry. She rarely appears on the TV screen because she believes that she always selects a script that suits her mood.

Yasra Rizvi is now 37 years old. And she started their married life just a few years ago by marrying Abdul Hadi. And one important thing is that her husband Abdul Hadi completed his MBA after marriage. She also attended his convocation after becoming a wife.

On the other hand, if we talk about the talent of Yasra Rizvi, she is very fond of poetry. And she also writes poetry herself. And she has also uploaded a lot of written poetry videos on her personal YouTube channel.

While Yasra Rizvi is currently seen acting as an actress in the Pakistani Drama Web Series Churails. Meaning whatever role she is given, she easily adapts to it and definitely tries to make it a success.

Have you seen Abdul Yasra Rizvi’s husband Abdul Hadi who is only 24 years old now? So let’s take a look at some beautiful pictures of the couple together.

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