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Maira Khan Latest Beautiful Pictures From Her Instagram

Maira Khan is a renowned host, actress, and model in the Pakistani showbiz industry. She has acted in many Pakistani dramas and her talented acting is very popular among the people.

Maira Khan started her acting career with her debut drama Jaise Jante Nahin. And since then she has appeared in dramas on the screens of almost every private TV channel. Her drama Cheekh with Bilal Abbas Khan and Saba Qamar is still popular in the hearts of many people.

Maira Khan was more accepted in the world of modeling than acting in dramas. She is mostly seen doing new photoshoots in famous clothing brands. And seeing her natural beauty, the number of followers on her Instagram is also increasing day by day.

Maira Khan said in an interview that before becoming an actress, she had a passion for flying planes and becoming a pilot. But her aunt’s plane crashed, leaving her dream unfulfilled and she fearful of becoming a pilot. Unfortunately, this day forced her to become an actress and a model today.

So now we can see the beautiful pictures of the year 2020 from Maira Khan’s Instagram account.

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