Javeria Saud Looks Very Beautiful While Attending Her Friend’s Birthday


Javeria Saud, who made her mark on the TV screen by reciting Naat, has become a top Pakistani actress today. People love her style of speaking and you will all know about her laughter. When she laughs on the set, everyone laughs at the shooting when they hear her laugh.

For the past few years, Javeria Saud has not been seen on the TV screen. It seems that she has taken a break from the Pakistani drama industry. But on the other hand, she is running its own production house in which it also broadcasts new dramas every month with a private TV channel.

Javeria Saud started her career by marrying Saud Qasmi, an actor from the Black and White film era. But now her husband Saud Qasmi has also stopped coming to a new project in the Pakistani drama and film industry. Maybe the couple is giving their new talent a chance.

Javeria Saud attended a friend’s birthday party without her husband. Last night from where she shared beautiful photos with her fans. Some people looked at the pictures and asked how 50-year-old Javeria Saud looked so beautiful and young at this age.

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