Viral Girl Nimra Ali On Shoot Location For Her Debut Song Pyaar Mera


There are people all over the world who dream of becoming social media stars overnight. But many people think that this is just a dream and in reality, it does not happen at all. Because a lot of people have tried their luck at it and because of losing they just think it’s a dream.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about viral girl Nimra Ali. Maybe many of you don’t know about this little girl yet. So let us tell you briefly that during the shooting of a roadshow on a private TV channel, the host invited Nimra to say something, so it started talking as fast as if she missed the train.

After that, social media made her an overnight star where she was seen talking everywhere. After that, almost every major TV channel in Pakistan invited Nimra Ali as a special guest and conducted interviews. In which host Nida Yasir invited her in her Good Morning Pakistan and also met her real-life family.

Seeing their discussion on social media, many designers started taking Nimra in a new bridal photoshoot. And today another news is going viral on social media that now Nimra Ali will appear as a heroine in her first debut song Pyaar Mera.

Nimra Ali looks very happy while recording her first song and she is saying in her video that she looks very cute wearing a red fish cut gown. If you guys like this Nimra dress too, don’t forget to leave your opinion in the comment section below.

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