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Beautiful Pictures of Bushra Ansari Daughter Meera Ansari Wedding Ceremony

Pakistani showbiz industry legend actress Bushra Ansari does not need any introduction. She has performed brilliantly in almost every role. And she has been working in the showbiz industry for almost 35 years.

Bushra Ansari is now 63 years old. But she still looks very smart and fit. She also has a daughter named Meera Ansari from her first marriage. And her daughter is also an actress like her mother who is making a career in the drama industry.

Nowadays, the drama serial Zebaish aired on Hum TV channel is also becoming very successful. Meera’s showbiz career is not so successful yet, she is working day and night to make a big name for herself like her mother.

A piece of news has gone viral on social media in which Bushra Ansari’s daughter has remarried and shared her wedding pictures on her Instagram account in which she is seen taking beautiful photos with her husband and two children. And the wedding took place in New York only in the presence of family friends.

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