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Beautiful Pictures of Pakistani Celebrities Celebrating Diwali Party

You all know that since the formation of Pakistan, there is minority freedom in Pakistan.And people of every religion and culture live in Pakistan and live happily. So there are all kinds of people in our Pakistani showbiz industry who belong to different cultures.

By the way, our famous Pakistani celebrities celebrate every function with great fanfare whether it is the function of 14th August, or iftar party, or the birthday of a celebrity is celebrated with great fanfare. Just yesterday, a Diwali party was organized all over the world, so our celebrities also celebrated this day in Pakistan.

Yes, well-known fashion designer Deepak Parwani organized a special Diwali party at his home like every year. And he invited almost everyone from the Pakistani showbiz industry to the party, which was also attended by many famous celebrities.

Let’s see which Pakistani showbiz celebrities attended Deepak Parwani’s Diwali party and in the comment section don’t forget to let us know in the comments below. Do you guys celebrate Diwali with your friends just like that?.

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