Urwa Hocane Latest Beautiful Pictures From Her Instagram


Urwa Hocane is the elder sister of one and only Mawra Hocane. Because of her childhood passion, she came into the showbiz industry and made her mark. And seeing her, her younger sister Mawra Hocane also promised to come to the showbiz and she started beautifying herself ahead of time. And their example is in front of all of you. While the two sisters are considered to be very successful actresses.

Urwa Hocane has acted in many Pakistani dramas and you will all remember her successful drama Udaari. On the other hand, she has been hosting live programs on ARY Musik Channel for many years. And then she left the world of hosting because of her busy schedule.

As well as being an actress in Pakistani dramas, Urwa Hocane has also become an actress in Pakistani films and has acted as a heroine in most successful Pakistani films. And her comedy debut film Na Maloom Afraad was very popular. In a nutshell, let us tell you that the film Tich Button made under her direction is also going to be an adornment of Pakistani cinemas very soon.

Urwa Hocane’s number of followers on Instagram is increasing day by day because people like her work very much. But today we will see the beautiful pictures of her in which she is getting cuter after using the tips of Nani Amma, so let’s take a look at the beautiful pictures too.

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