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Beautiful Pictures of Javeria Saud With Her Daughter Making Instant Thai Chicken

Javeria Saud is a successful actress who has brought a tradition of wearing the same clothes to the Pakistani showbiz industry. Any special day is being celebrated in Pakistan. Javeria and her family wear the same clothes exclusively and every year on Eid their same clothes also go viral on social media.

50-year-old Javeria Saud still looks perfectly smart and fit and looks like she’s just unmarried. But let us tell you one thing here that after marrying Saud Qasmi, a well-known actor in Pakistani films, she has now become a mother of two young children.

Javeria has given unparalleled dramas to the Pakistani drama industry with her acting and people love her acting. But now that she is getting older, she is not doing new dramas, she is giving a chance to new talent to come and on the other hand, she is also making new dramas through her production house.

While staying at home, Javeria Saud does not like to be idle, which is why she has also introduced her own YouTube channel. And there she makes her own daily videos and shares them herself. A few days ago, Javeria Saud revealed a unique way to make instant Thai chicken which the girls liked to learn a lot on social media. So let’s take a look at their beautiful pictures and video.

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