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Beautiful Clicks of Reema Khan Celebrates 9th Wedding Anniversary With Tariq Shahab

Reema Khan is considered one of the most senior actresses in the Pakistani showbiz industry. She entered the world of showbiz from the era of black and white TV. And to this day, everyone behind them is crazy about their natural beauty.

Reema Khan has acted in many Pakistani dramas and films and many successful Pakistani films under her name are still shown in cinemas. Because while acting, she would fit into her film role as if that role was her own. And just because of them, people came to see movies in cinemas in large numbers.

Ten years ago today, when Reema Khan was unmarried, many people were waiting to see her groom. Because her fans knew very well that her groom would not be an ordinary man, he would be more beautiful and richer than her.

Nine years ago, Reema Khan started her married life by marrying American Dr. Tariq Shahab. And this wedding also got live coverage from the media. After marriage, Reema and Tariq have now become the parents of a son. And Reema Khan has now apologized for working in Pakistani films and now she appears mostly in TV hosting programs.

Reema Khan celebrated her 9th wedding anniversary with great simplicity in the United States with her husband Dr. Tariq Sahab. Let’s see the beautiful pictures of the couple together.

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