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Beautiful Wedding Pictures of Sana Khan And Mufti Anas

Sana Khan, who has been saying goodbye to showbiz in recent days, has suddenly got married. People were very surprised to hear the news of their sudden marriage. Because people believed that she had no intention of getting married yet.

Sana Khan, a famous contestant in Big Boss season 6, has started her married life by marrying Mufti Anas. She believes that she wants to live the rest of her life according to the principles of Islam. And because of which she is very happy to marry Mufti Anas.

Many people have been waiting for years to know who Sana Khan’s future groom will be. Will he be as cute as Sana Khan but people have now seen that her groom is Mufti Anas. And people are very happy to marry this couple.

Sana Khan and Mufti Anas were married in a very simple wedding. Only family relatives and close friends were invited. On the occasion of the wedding, Sana wore a red dress. So let’s see the beautiful pictures of their wedding. Don’t forget to tell in the comment section how Sana Khan wore a bridal dress to her wedding.

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