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Javeria Saud Beautiful Pictures At Her Friend’s Wedding Ceremony

48 years old Pakistani actress Javeria Saud still looks very beautiful and young. And she has been working in the Pakistani drama industry for more than twenty years. And even at that age, you may have forgotten to blink your eyes when you see their fitness.

Javeria Saud has acted in some of the most successful dramas in the Pakistani drama industry. And they are counted among the legendary actors from whom people are now learning acting. Because now she is rarely seen working in new dramas. She believes that we have to promote new talent.

Javeria Saud is an actress as well as a famous model and on the other hand, she also runs her own clothing brand. Due to which she can not spend much time on shooting. While she has also opened a production house to make her own dramas and new dramas from her production house are also seen on TV.

Javeria Saud attended her best friend’s wedding wearing a blue stylish dress yesterday. You will be amazed to see beautiful pictures of Saud’s wife in a blue winter dress and that is what you will say she still looks unmarried. So, let’s take a look.

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