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Beautiful Clicks of Aiman Khan And Muneeb Butt Return from Turkey Vacation

Aiman Khan and her husband Muneeb Butt love to travel. This is why they attend showbiz parties with great interest. And almost every week in Karachi, the couple is seen celebrating the weekend at some famous place. Because almost every actor likes to hang out.

Aiman Khan has voluntarily taken a break from working in new dramas after becoming Muneeb’s bride. And after 2 years of marriage, she has not appeared in any drama yet. But her fans are still seen praising her on every forum.

After marriage, Aiman Khan did not go anywhere with Muneeb Butt because her daughter Amal Muneeb was born. And she spent her precious time at home taking care of her daughter. And today, Amal is one year old. And now she looks much more active on her Instagram account.

Maybe many of you don’t know that Aiman Khan has gone to celebrate Turkey vacation with her husband Muneeb Butt. But now her 10 days vacation is over. And now she is returning to Karachi from Turkey, and she shared selfies of herself and her husband at the airport with her fans. So, let’s take a look.

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