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Beautiful Pictures of Minal Khan Attending The Birthday of Her Best Friend Sara Ali.

Minal Khan is currently the center of attention due to his famous drama serial Jalan. People still don’t understand where such girls are in our society. Because Manal’s role in this play is very different from her mood.

Minal Khan is currently playing several dramas on Pakistani TV screens. And with her brilliant performances, almost every drama is hitting right now. Because she adapts to her character as if that character has passed her own.

Many people have seen Minal Khan’s success and are now waiting to see which lucky man she will marry. And what will their groom be like?. Because people know that she will not get married until she finds a boy of her temperament.

Last night, Minal Khan attended her best friend Sara’s birthday party in which she spotted with her fiance-to-be Ahsan Mohsin Ikram. So let’s see some beautiful pictures from her birthday party with her friends.

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Kinza Javed
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