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Syed Jibran Latest Beautiful Pictures With His Wife Afifa Jibran From Dubai

Very handsome and stylish actor Syed Jibran is currently dominating in Pakistani dramas. He had no interest in acting. His friend bet him to act and today he became an actor against his will. But when he came to this field of acting, he got interested in acting.

Syed Jibran is now 41 years old. And he still looks smart and fit as if they were unmarried. He has said many times in his interviews that he is very interested in taking care of his health. And that’s why he takes good care of his diet and his daily workout.

Syed Jibran started his married life in 2011 by marrying Afifa Jibran. And today, by the grace of Allah, Afifa and Syed Jibran have become the parents of a son and a daughter. Let us tell you one thing here that Syed Jibran’s wife is not associated with the showbiz industry.

You all know that Syed Jibran and his wife Afifa Jibran are very fond of traveling and celebrating holidays. Due to which she travels around the country with her husband and children almost every month. Yesterday, Syed Jibran and his family shared their holiday photos in Dubai, so let’s take a look.

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