Beautiful Pictures of Javed Sheikh With His Wife Zinat Mangi


Javed Sheikh is considered a legendary actor in the Pakistani showbiz industry. We may run out of words to introduce them. He has been working in the showbiz industry for almost 40 years. And they are known and recognized all over the world, including India.

Javed Sheikh has acted in more than 100 Pakistani dramas and almost every one of his plays has been a success. And since the era of black and white in Lollywood films, he has also acted in very successful Pakistani films.

On the other hand, Javed Sheikh is also counted among the successful actors who have gone to India and worked in Bollywood films. And one of the biggest honors is that he has become the father of Shahrukh Khan in an Indian film. And besides that, he has also acted in several Indian films.

Most of you may not know that actor Shehzad Sheikh and Momal Sheikh are the children of Javed Sheikh. And his children are now as successful actors as their father. On the other hand, now he has become a grandfather.

Many people used to love to see Javed Sheikh’s wife. They used to say that how is Javed Sheikh’s wife, so in today’s article, we will see beautiful pictures of this family. So, let’s take a look.

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