Feroze Khan And Alizey Fatima Reportedly Part Ways


Feroze Khan shared the news on social media a few days back that he has said goodbye to the drama and film industry. And he will now spend the rest of his life following the principles of Islam. But he quickly retracted his words and said he would continue to work in dramas.

Many of you may not know that Feroze Khan is the younger brother of Pakistani actress Humaima Malik and Dua Malik. But his sisters have also quit the showbiz industry and want to live the rest of their lives according to Islamic teachings.

But last night the news went viral that actor Feroze Khan has left his wife Alizey Fatima after two years of marriage and the two are now living separately. While Feroze Khan’s wife Alizey Fatima and her family have unfollowed him on Instagram. On the other hand, her mother has also deleted all posts related to Feroze Khan from her Instagram.

Feroze Khan and Alizey Fatima have not yet made any statement on social media regarding the news of their separation, but people close to Feroze Khan and his wife say that the distance between the two has increased. It should be noted that Feroze and Alizey were married two years ago and is now the father of a son.

Only time will tell how much truth there is in the news of Feroze Khan and Alizey Fatima. We pray that this news is false and Alizey and Feroze are living a happy life in their home.

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