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Ahsan Mohsin Ikram Reply to Noor Bukhari On Behalf of Minal Khan

For the past few months, pictures of Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram together have been going viral on social media. And just a few days before Minal Khan and Aiman Khan’s birthday, some of their bold pictures went viral. People were amazed when they saw the pictures in public.

Many people started criticizing Ahsan and Minal’s picture. One of the critics was former Pakistani actress Noor Bukhari. She wrote in her post “I really like these two sisters,”. At the same time, she also wrote that if she got married and took so many close-up pictures, it would be fine. And if you are not married, don’t mislead our youth with such pictures.

Minal Khan’s boyfriend Ahsan Mohsin Ikram responded to Noor Bukhari’s comment on his Instagram like this.

Ahsan Mohsin Ikram wrote to Noor Bukhari with great manner that we are no ones to judge someone. We do not know who is better than you. This is what our religion, Islam, teaches us.

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