Rabi Pirzada Tells The Secret Of Her Beauty


Rabi Pirzada has been a well known Pakistani singer and successful model. But a few years ago, she left the showbiz industry because of living according to the principles of Islam and now she is living her life according to the teachings of Islam. Indeed, Allah makes whom He wills His own.

An article was shared on Rabi Pirzada’s Instagram account in which she explained the best way to bring light on the face and said that most of the light on the face comes from praying, not to lie, not to have hatred in the heart, And seeking purity in every human being also brings light to the face.

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The former singer added that a person’s heart is completely cleansed when he cleanses his inner self instead of others. People who look bad to us but when they come out to remember any good deed of them and try to be a good person. May Allah guide us.

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