Beautiful Clicks of Sadia Imam With Her Daughter Meerab At Friends Wedding

Sadia Imam Pictures

Sadia Imam, a famous actress of the nineties who is still known in the showbiz industry for her beautiful performances. She stepped into the world of showbiz when there were 5-6 actresses in Pakistan. And there was a time when no drama would be complete without them.

But as showbiz became more innovative and new actresses began to step in, she withdrew from showbiz. Because she believes that we should support our new talent and give them opportunities to work. And with that in mind, she has stopped working on new dramas.

Sadia Imam started her married life in 2012 by marrying the famous chef Adnan Haider. Her husbands are mostly out of the country due to their busy schedules. And here in Pakistan, Sadia lives at home with her daughter Meerab and in-laws.

Sadia Imam attended her best friend’s wedding a few days ago wearing a pink sari in which she looked very beautiful. Looking at the wedding photos, it will seem as if Sadia Imam is still unmarried. So let’s see the mother and daughter attending the function of friend together.


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