Nida Yasir With Her Daughter Silah Yasir


Nida Yasir, who introduced the Morning Show in Pakistan, has achieved a place of fame that no one else has achieved today. She has the ability to speak so easily that she can talk for hours on any topic. And maybe their beautiful speaking on TV made them recognizable.

Many people don’t know is that Nida Yasir was married to director, producer, and actor Yasir Nawaz 18 years ago. And today she is 48 years old and still looks like a virgin. And looking at their fitness, it seems like they don’t have to be old either.

Nida Yasir started her acting career on TV before hosting the Morning Show. She was also very fat when she started acting. But over the years, she has changed so much that she looks just like a girl. And today people are seen asking her on her Instagram account the secret of her beauty.

Did you know that Nida and Yasir have become parents to three children?. By the grace of Allah, they have two sons and a daughter. And Nida Yasir’s daughter looks like a photocopy of her father. So let’s take a look at the beautiful pictures of this little family together.

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