Saleem Sheikh And Nousheen Sheikh New Latest Clicks With family


Film star Saleem Sheikh stepped into the world of Pakistani films at a time when there was an era of black and white. And he was considered one of the most expensive heroes of all time. Because he belonged to an actor family and his elder brother Javed Sheikh is the one who does not need any introduction.

As much as Saleem Sheikh has acted in Pakistani films so far, he has definitely succeeded. Because he liked to work on scripts for films that suited his mood. And if he didn’t like the script, he would apologize to the director.

Saleem Sheikh has now stopped appearing in new Pakistani films. Maybe he is doing some business of his own in which he is busy and can’t give time to shoot. And he rarely appears at showbiz parties. Because they don’t like all these things at all.

But in today’s article, we will see beautiful pictures of Saleem Sheikh’s wife and his three young daughters. Let us tell you one thing here that Saleem Sheikh is also the uncle (Chacha) of actor Shahzad Sheikh and Momal Sheikh.


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