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Abdullah Qureshi Latest Beautiful Pictures With His Wife Sadia Subhan

There are many successful singers in Pakistan who started their career with a live concert. Because social media was not so common in Pakistan at that time. Yes, today we are talking about young singer Abdullah Qureshi. He started singing and writing at a very young age. Because since childhood he had a passion to be a great singer.

Abdullah Qureshi is now 27 years old. And he got married to a beautiful girl last year. They celebrated their marriage with great simplicity. And at the wedding, only family and a few close friends were invited. Just a few months ago, his new song Aaja becoming very popular among the people. And now he has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

When people saw the pictures of Abdullah Qureshi’s wife Sadia Subhan, they saw that the couple looked like a couple of moon and sun. Because Allah has blessed them both with boundless beauty. When you see the pictures, don’t forget to tell us how did you like a couple of Abdullah and Sadia.

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