Beautiful Pictures of Sana Khan Enjoying The Holidays With Her Husband


Sana Khan has been a successful drama and film actress in the Bollywood industry. Everyone was crazy to see her beauty. She is now 35 years old. And she still looks perfectly fit and smart. But she has now completely abandoned showbiz to live according to the principles of Islam.

Sana Khan has given her best performance in the famous movie Wajah Tum Ho which is still popular among the fans. And now she has more than 3.9 million followers on Instagram. On the other hand, she has also been a participant of Bigg Boss.

Last month, she abruptly started her married life by marrying Mufti Anas. And the news of this marriage shocked the people. Because people thought that Sana’s groom would be no less than a prince. Because people did not think that she would marry a mufti.

Some beautiful pictures of Sana Khan and Mufti Anas celebrating their vacation have gone viral on social media. In which both are looking very happy. And people are still congratulating the couple and wishing them well.

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