Mahira Khan New Latest Pictures on Social Media For Diva Magazine


Mahira Khan went to India and worked with Shahrukh Khan as the main actress in a film. And only one of her films had driven the people of India crazy. If seen, their beauty does not need any introduction. Nature has created them so beautiful that everyone keeps watching.

35-years-old actress Mahira Khan started her showbiz career by working in dramas. But when the Pakistani film director needed actors, he took heroine from Mahira Khan by chance. And she broke all records of success in her debut film Bol. And that was probably the turning point of her career.

After seeing the success of Mahira Khan’s debut film, many marketing brands started making her an ambassador. On the other hand, Pakistani clothing brands started taking them in modeling photoshoots for their new collection. And so as soon as people saw them, offers started coming from Hollywood and Bollywood.

Many people may not know that Mahira Khan is also the mother of a son Azlan Askari. A few years ago, she parted ways with her ex-husband Ali Askari. While now some people on social media are saying that Mahira Khan has got engaged to businessman Salim Karim and she is going to marry him soon.

Many people may not know that Mahira Khan is not feeling well these days. But in today’s article we will see that after many months, She has done a photo shoot for the famous Diva magazine, whose pictures are going viral on social media. Seeing her beauty, even today everyone is asking her the secret of her fitness.

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