Beautiful Clicks of Nida Yasir Enjoying Holidays in RaniKot Fort With Her Husband


The host and actress who makes people laugh on the TV screen in the morning, who is very decent herself. Many people look at the TV screen and think that she will be too smart. But in reality, it is the opposite. For now, it just seems to be hosting and they have stopped appearing in dramas.

On the other hand, Nida Yasir’s husband Yasir Nawaz has opened his restaurant The Forest near Boat Basin in Karachi. In the morning she does a live morning show and at night she goes to her restaurant to see the arrangements. And many Pakistani celebrities have gone to their restaurants to eat. And have given a very good review.

If we talk about Nida Yasir’s children, she has become a mother of three children. His daughter Silah Yasir is often seen attending showbiz parties with her mother. But Nida has confirmed in her interview that she has no plans to bring her daughter to the drama and film industry.

A few days ago, Nida Yasir spent the whole day with her husband Yasir Nawaz at Ranikot Fort, a historical place in Sindh. The couple wore shalwar kameez and jogger while traveling. And for her fans, Nida Yasir has shared some beautiful clicks from her mobile from Ranikot Fort on her Instagram.


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